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Retail Domestic

We produce a range of Home Storage Box's for all sort of uses around the house. All our product are produced using the usual high quality corrugated material and manufacturing performance expected of us.

We have products for the Home Office, The House Wife and even the Kids and lots more besides. All the home store box's are printed to be attractive and pleasant in the home surrounding.

For the Tidy Home Office:

Document Storage Box

C1 - 410x305x320
C2 - 376x279x240
C8 - 380x330x254

Used to store all types of office files. This standard box comes in three different sizes to match specifications so that they fit into general storage racks.

Magazine file Holder - 234x101x304

For general home and office use in storing magazine type documents. Useful for reference storage.

Transfer case - 381x127x260

Used to store or transfer documents. It is self contained in a one piece box with a hinged lid.

Box File - 360x260x76

Lever arch File holder Rack - 375x360x300

Draw Pack/filing drawer - C13x393x254x622

The drawers are contained within a protective outer casing and can be stacked easily upon each other.

If you are interested in any of the above or if you would like to develop a specific type of container, please contact us so that we may discuss your needs.

For the tidy Home

General storage box's for various domestic items to be packed up neatly and orderly:
Underbed storage box for tidy bedrooms - 710x380x150
Multi Draw pack and pull draw pack - 375x360x300 (360x280x80 draw)
Childrens Toy box - 375x375x650
Home cd/video, photo and media storage box - 315x235x142
Part bins and Trays - 280x100x100 and 310x220x100
Self covering box
Removal and bulk storage box's
Collectors box's we produce a large range of box to store valuable collectable items
Personal archive and important personal document box - A3
Tool box's
Gift box's
Postal box's

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