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We are able to produce and supply a vast range of corrugated container which are specifically designed for use in commercial offices and the home office environment. Our CORR-A-STOR® range of products includes storage box's, postal box's, electronic data storage and even waste paper bin's, all manufacturers from corrugated board. So if you are the records manager, the facilities or premises manager, the stationary buyer or archivest, we have a broad range of products for almost every requirement.

Stationary and Storage


Archival/Acid Free


There is a big difference between using a box for document storage and a document storage box...

A quality document storage box will provide the foundation to any good record management system, ensures safe and secure handling, identity, and achieve the required standard of preservation and care of your records. Through our CORR-A-STOR® range of products (that are held in stock for next day delivery) we provide containers for record management and document storage. We supply direct to users and cater for both large and small orders from our plant based near the City of London.

You now have the opportunity to buy direct from a manufacturer at trade prices. We provide an alternative source of superior boxes, compatible with many off-site storage companies racking and in house filing systems. Indeed, dealing directly with us will Save you money and provide you with a quality product. We can customise designs and print companies identities onto boxes as an added service. All containers can be provided with a method to security seal.

Recently companies have sought to purchase storage boxes that match their disaster planning strategy. We can assist in the formulation of such a strategy and supply boxes with special properties that match your needs. We can manufacture "water resistant" containers to minimise damage caused by flooding.

Our new acid free corrugated boxes are essential for the protection of valuable documents. They help to prevent the deterioration of documents that are held in long term general storage.

We have developed a special board grade for all the storage containers that we manufacture and will match the board to your requirement (short or long term storage). Our boards are of the highest quality and will reduce box replacement costs that may occur due to wear and tear or handling. All the board can be fully recycled.

We offer unbeatable value and we deliver peace of mind and satisfaction that your records and documents will be kept in the most durable and effective containers currently available.

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