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- 30X18X11 (762X457X279) B/L 150K/T/B 10
REF 271 24X16X6 (609x406x152) D/C 150K/T/B 25
NO 10A 20X16X4.5 (508x406x114) D/C 150K/T/B 25
NO 9 20X16X2.5 (508x406x63) D/C 125K/C/B 25
NO 5 16X11X2 (406x279x50) D/C 150K/T/B 25
NO 10 20X16X3.25 (508x406x82) D/C 150K/T/B 50
NO 49 22X17X3.5 (558x431x88) D/C 150K/T/B 25
REF 277 20X15X4 (508x381x101) D/C 150K/T/B 25
F5 20X19X5 (508x482x127) D/C 150K/T/B 50
BDCM1 23.63X11.75X17.75(600X298X450 CARTON 150K/T/B 25
BDC1 24X11X14 (609X279X500) CARTON 150K/T/B 25
BDC2 16X11X14 (406X279X355) CARTON 150K/T/B 25
LL 24.5X13.5X24.5 (622x342x622) CARTON 150K/T/B 25
ULTRA 24.5X19.5X24.5 (622x491x622) CARTON 150K/T/B 10
_ 12X9X9 (304x228x228) CARTON 125K/T/B 20
REF: TICINO 23.75X14.75X14.25 (575X370X365) CARTON 150/K/T/B 20
D/W EXPORT 30X18X18 (762x457x457) CARTON 125K/T/DW 10
D/W EXPORT 30X18X12 (762x457x304) CARTON 125K/T/DW 10
D/W EXPORT 30X18X9 (762x457x229) CARTON 125K/T/DW 10
D/W EXPORT 30X18X6 (762x457x152) CARTON 125K/T/DW 10
S/W EXPORT 24X17.5X8 ( 610x445x200) CARTON 150K/T/C 10
D/W EXPORT 44X22X18 (1117x558x457) CARTON 150K/T/DW 1
D/W EXPORT 48X21X13 (1219x533x330) CARTON 150K/T/DW 1
WARDROBE 20X12X42 (508x305x1065) CARTON 200K/T/DW 1

REF: 24 D/W 24X18X18 (610X457X457) CARTON 125K/T/DW 10
REF: CT12 18X18X12 (457X457X305) CARTON 150/DW 10
REF: CT20 18X18X20 (457X457X508) CARTON 150/DW 10
REF: CT30 18X18X30 (457X457X762) CARTON 150/DW 10

REF: C.1 B/L 16X12X12.5 (410x305x320) 2 PIECE BOX 300K/K/B 50
REF: C.2 B/L 15X11X9.5 (376x279x240) 2 PIECE BOX 300K/K/B 50
REF: C.3 B/L 15X10.75X10 (380x275x255) 2 PIECE BOX 300K/K/B 50
REF: C.4 B/L 15.75X15X12.25 (400x380x310) 2 PIECE BOX 150K/K/DW 50
REF: C.5 B/L 15X5X10.25 (380x130x260) 1 PIECE D/C 200MWKKB 50
REF: C.6 B/L 17.75X15X10.25(455x380x260) 2 PIECE BOX 300K/T/B 50
REF: C.7 B/L 14.75X10.5X10 (375x265x255) 2 PIECE BOX 200K/K/B 50
REF: C.8 B/L 15X13X10 (380x330x255) 2 PIECE BOX 200MWKB 50
REF: C.10 15.5X10X24.5 (395x255x623) DRAW PACK 200MWKB 10
REF: C.11 B/L 16.5X13X10.25 (420x330x260) 2 PIECE BOX 300K/T/B 50
REF: CRATES 23.5X15X11.5 (600X383X290) D/C TW 750 10

REF: M12 11X6.25X3.75 (279x158x95) D/C 1250YCB 50
REF: M13 11.5X8X4 (292x203x101) D/C 125K/T/B 50
REF: NO 52 10.13X5.75X3.5 (257x146x88) D/C 125K/C/B 50
REF: NO 54 11.75X7.12X3.75 (298x180x95) D/C 125K/C/B 50
REF: NO 56 11X10X4 (279x254x101 ) D/C 1250YCB 50
REF: AR10 11X9X4 (279x228x101) D/C 1250YCB 50
REF: NO 58 13X6.5X4 (330x165x101) D/C 125K/C/B 50
REF: 6.1/4 B/ 11X6.25X3.75 (279x158x82) 2 PIECE D/C 120W/T/E 100
REF: 11 BOOT 11.5X11.5X4 (292x292x101) D/C 125T/C/B 50
REF: 13X12 13X12X4.125 (330x304x104) D/C 125T/C/B 50
REF: M17 12X12X4 (304x304x101) D/C 1250YCB 50
REF: 20 BOOT 20X12X4.25 (508x304x107) D/C 125K/T/B 50
REF: WDBG 15.75X10.25X3.75 (400x260X95) D/C 125K/C/B 50
REF: M18 18X11.5X4 (457x292x101) D/C 125K/C/B 50

REF: 30X18 TRAY 30X18X3.5 (762x457x88) D/C 125K/T/B 50
REF: MED BAK TRAY 26.38X14.75X4.33 (670x374x109) D/C 150K/T/B 50
REF: NADELL TRAY 21.5X13X2.5 (546x330x63) D/C 125K/T/B 50
REF: L.P TRAY 14.5X10.63X1.25 (368x270x31) D/C 125W/T/B 50
REF: S.P TRAY 14.5X9.57X1.25 (368x243x31) D/C 125W/T/B 50
REF: BREAD TRAY 26X19X5 (660X483X127) TRAY 150K/T/B 25
REF: CARROT TRAY 12X7.5X3 (310X190X76) TRAY 150K/T/B 50
REF: MUFFIN TRAY 14X10.25X3.5 (360X260X85) TRAY 150K/T/B 50
REF: MUFFIN TRAY LGE 13.5X9.5X3(343X241X76) TRAY 1250YT/B 50
REF: BM LARGE 26.5X19.25X3.25(650X490X85) TRAY 150K/T/B 25
REF: BM SMALL 19X13X3.25 (490X325X82) TRAY 150K/T/B 25
REF: CH SPEC TRAY 22X15X5.5 (560X381X140) TRAY 150K/T/B 25

INSIDE LOCKING 10X10X3 (254x254x76) D/C 1250YTB 50
OUTSIDE LOCKING 10X10X3 (254x254x76) D/C 1250YTB 50
INSIDE LOCKING 11.5X11.5X3 (292x292x76) D/C 1250YTB 50
OUTSIDE LOCKING 11.5X11.5X3 (292x292x76) D/C 1250YTB 50
INSIDE LOCKING 18X6.5X3 (457x165x76) D/C 1250YTB 50
INSIDE LOCKING 10X10X2 (254x254x50) D/C 1250YTB 50
REF: M17 12X12X4 (304x304x101) D/C 1250YTB 50
REF: N 10X10X4.58 (304x304x110) D/C 1250Y/T/B 50
REF: MUFFIN BOX 15.5X12X3.25 (395x300x78) D/C 1250Y/T/B 50
REF: RUMBABA 15.5X11.5X4 (394x293x100) D/C 1250Y/T/B 50
REF: CREAM SLICE 15.5X10X3 (395x255x78) D/C 1250Y/T/B 50
REF: 16 LOG 16X6X4 (406x152x101) D/C 1250Y/T/B 50
REF: 18 LOG 18X6.5X4 (458x165x102) D/C 1250Y/T/B 50
- 8X8X4 ( 203x203x102) D/C 1250YTB 50
- 8X8X6 (203x203x152) D/C 120W/T/B 50
- 9X9X4 (241X241X101) D/C 1250YCB 50
- 9X9X6 (228x228x152) D/C 120W/T/B 50
- 10X10X6 (254x254x152) D/C 120W/T/B 50
- 11X11X6 (279x279x152) D/C 120W/T/B 50
- 12X12X2 (304X304X50) D/C 1250YCB 50
- 12.5X12.5X3 (317X317X76) D/C 125K/T/B 50
- 12X12X6 (304x304x152) D/C 120W/T/B 50
- 12X9X6 (304x228x152) D/C 120W/T/B 50
- 14X14X6 (355x355x152) D/C 120W/T/B 50
- 16X16X6 (406x406x152) D/C 120W/T/B 50
- 16X12X6 (406x304x152) D/C 120W/T/B 50
- 18X15X3 (457x381x76) D/C 150K/T/B 50
- 18X16X6 (457x406x152) D/C 120W/T/B 50
- 18X18X6 (457x457x152) D/C 125W/T/B 25

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