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Box Search Help

Enter the size you require (mm): Length, Width and Depth. Enter the acceptable variation on the size. Select single wall or double wall. Decide if you are looking for stock boxes or a cutter size. Now finally you enter the location and press search .

You can also search by box names if they are very common. You might search for cake, wardrobe, BDC1 etc. You will NOT need to enter a size this way. However you will need to add in single or double wall, stock or cutter and location before you press search.

To Search for board :
Enter "Board" in the Box Name field. Enter the first-way size in the length field, the second-way size in the width field and enter a zero in the depth field. Enter the acceptable variation factor. Select single or double wall board. Select stock and location before you press search.

Cutters- an important note.
The listing of cutters in this search will identify what HOUSE cutters are available for general use. A cutter is a tool that is used for die cut boxes. The cutters listed are not owned by any customers and are owned fully by the manufacturer for use as stock or standard products. It is usual that if a customer request a special die cut box to be manufactured he will have to pay for the cutter in full. It is for this reason that a manufacturer is unable to list all the cutters in its possession.

Box Size Search

National box size search for stock box's and cutters. Find the exact size you need or the nearest sizes to it

Box Buyer Wizard

Unsure of how to order a box? Let us guide through the key areas of ordering a box online

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