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Introducing the new and innovative "Archival Packaging Range" of Acid-free materials for packaging and preservation.



Acid-free Board and Boxs for the conservation of important documents and manuscripts.

We are now able to offer a new Acid-free corrugated board that is effective, affordable and yet extremely versatile.

Our Acid-free material, C500 and C750 is produced as twin walled micro-fluted corrugated board. We use paper from the managed forests of Scandinavia which is fully recyclable. The board can be supplied in various sizes and grades depending on the application. All the liners used in the board are of the same specification of paper. The specification of the paper liner is detailed below.

The liner paper is produced by an alkaline process, with a PH of around 8.5. It is made from 100% fully bleached alpha cellulose pulp. It is lignin, plasticizer, ground wood and wax free. The liner is produced with a small part calcium carbonate filler and sized with ASA size. It does not contain alum. The paper is fully bleached and does not present the risk of dye contamination.

We have obtained independent confirmation from U.M.I.S.T that our new material fully meets the specification of ISO 9706, ANSI Z39.48 and ASTM D3301.

We can supply this material as sheet board produced in various sizes or boxes using standard sizes or produce bespoke sizes to suit your specific needs. These boxes can be supplied flat packed to save space and without staples. Archivist now have the opportunity to buy directly from the manufacturer. We are also able to work on product and pack development when the situation arise in order to produce the right type of box for the required job. We are also able to stamp images into the board such as a logo or crest and names.

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